Period Care

Proper Period Care

When it comes to our periods, it sometimes feels like we’re just supposed to know everything. Like the menarche fairy is supposed to tap us on our head when we get our first period, instantly giving us a wealth of insider knowledge. Well, the truth is, there is no wave of a magic wand that makes you an expert on menstrual hygiene. This means you probably have a lot of questions about how to have a fresh, healthy period.

Even the most well-meaning of parents can forget to give us some key information about periods. But learning the basics of menstrual hygiene is important! It helps ensure that you are fully informed about the right way to stay healthy and avoid infection during menstruation.

Menstruation is a time of heightened risk of certain infections, including some sexually transmitted infections. This increased risk of infection occurs because the mucus that usually blocks your cervix opens during menstruation to allow blood to pass out of the body. This makes it possible for bacteria to travel up into your uterus and pelvic cavity. Changes in vaginal pH also make yeast infections more likely. It is essential that everyone understands the best practices for period hygiene.

So much of our menstruation gets wrapped up in shame and misinformation. Knowing menstrual hygiene basics will help you not only feel fresh and confident during your period, but you’ll also be keeping yourself healthy!

The Basics Of Menstrual Hygiene

Wash Regularly
And Wash The Right Way
Wipe From Front To Back
Consider Your Wardrobe
Change Pads And Tampons Often
Use The Right Pad Absorbency
Practice Safe Sex

Many of the tips listed above can help promote great intimate hygiene all month long. Take the time to share this important guide with the people you care about most. Everyone deserves access to the information necessary for living a happy, healthy, and comfortable life.

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